Guns, Gas and Gums

Samuel Colt, famous inventor of the Colt pistol, needed money to promote his new invention.  So he took to the road in the mid 1830’s as “the celebrated Dr. Coult of New York, London and Calcutta” and performed nitrous oxide (laughing gas) demonstrations.  He was apparently very convincing and very successful.  Whether he immediately influenced any dentists is not known, but what is known is after that laughing gas and dentists became like peanut butter and jelly: a great pairing.  Laughing gas has a very mild anesthetic effect at very big levels, more noticeably on the gums.  Since Colt used the money he made from his laughing gas demonstrations to promote his gun business, it was left to Horace Wells in 1844  to show how laughing gas could be in dentistry.  From guns to gas, and gas to gums

Clear Correct…an Invisalign Alternative

We now officer Clear Correct, an Invisalign alternative to clear tray orthodontics. Clear Correct offers a cost saving advantage.  For patients, this can be hundreds of dollars, depending on the type of case.  Like Invisalign, clear trays are generated by computer controlled, digitally scanned dental impressions of the teeth.  The trays are worn 24×7 except for eating.  The beauty and comfort of this systems becomes apparent once you take the trays out to brush your teeth: no wires to get tangled up on,  and no brackets to cut your lips and cheek.  Call today at 973-379-2730 to ask how Clear Correct can change your smile, and even your life!clearcorrect

Snow Day!

Due to the snow, the office will be closed Thursday, February 13th.  We plan to resume office hours on Friday at 9:00 am, unless this #@T^!!! snow is still falling! Poor Cupid is underdressed for the monumental task tomorrow.  We wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

French Fry Update…darn

No doubt given enough time researchers will find everything we love to eat is no good for you.  The latest research on French Fries has touched off a panic with the discovery of Acrylamide in the fries. It seems in high amounts, acrylamide causes cancer in lab animals (reminds me of the cyclamates scare in the 80’s).  Like all things, it really is a matter of amounts, and the amounts given the lab animals was in greater excess than what humans would consume.  Then consider, all foods cooked at elevated temperatures have chemical changes, including the formation of acrylamide! Since man discovered fire and cooked his first mastodon burger, acrylamide was present. So, do we worry about the latest findings?  At least no one has shown French fries are bad for your teeth…yet!