Guns, Gas and Gums

Samuel Colt, famous inventor of the Colt pistol, needed money to promote his new invention.  So he took to the road in the mid 1830’s as “the celebrated Dr. Coult of New York, London and Calcutta” and performed nitrous oxide (laughing gas) demonstrations.  He was apparently very convincing and very successful.  Whether he immediately influenced any dentists is not known, but what is known is after that laughing gas and dentists became like peanut butter and jelly: a great pairing.  Laughing gas has a very mild anesthetic effect at very big levels, more noticeably on the gums.  Since Colt used the money he made from his laughing gas demonstrations to promote his gun business, it was left to Horace Wells in 1844  to show how laughing gas could be in dentistry.  From guns to gas, and gas to gums

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  1. CircularsquareDecember 30, 2012 Docs aren’t allowed to remnmceod health products. I wonder if the rule is valid for toothpastes. And hence I really doubt , if the dentists they show in these ads are genuine ones. But isn’t the logic that dentists will remnmceod those things which keep the teeth unhealthy, a bit harsh on the profession. Let us keep for a moment, the question of ads aside. Consider this , suppose you go to a dentist for a cavity treatment. Presumably because you ate chocolates too much. After the treatment would he/she advise you to continue eating chocolates in surplus, just to keep his/her business running ? I doubt. Point is these professions have certain ethics , and the good docs follow them. Earning money is not the priority , it is keeping the patients healthy. It is my belief that there are still good docs in India who follow these ethics. P.S :- Ignore this reply if it is too serious sounding. In case , blogpost is humorous , this comment would act as a dampener. .

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