Flossing Debate

Recent reports in the media have created a flurry of misunderstanding about the importance and benefits of flossing. Researchers claim there was no medical benefits from flossing. The research cites flawed earlier dental research studies. Dr. Fridus Van Der Weijden from the University of Amsterdam claims brushing and flossing is no more effective than just brushing alone. So why floss?

To start, brushing does not adequately reach the interproximal areas between the teeth. Plaque accumulation can lead to caries (the decay process which can cause a cavity), and the biofilm can lead to periodontal disease. The effect of bacteria and C-reactive proteins caused by bacteria is well documented. C-reactive proteins can be damaging to the body, and in particular, cardiac health.

So,. just as there is no proof that jumping out of a plane at high altitude with a parachute is safer than jumping without one, would you take the risk? Flossing may be a nuisance, but the ADA maintains it is a necessary one. Perhaps the water injection systems, such as Waterpik or Air Flosser can replace fiber threads in floss, but the idea is the same: remove the biofilm and decrease the bacterial count.

Blast Text Message Confusion

We sent out a text blast to all our patient requesting cancellations and reappointments be handled by phone calls to the office, instead of text messaging or email. The problem was, our email is sometimes delayed to the point where important messages have bee missed. We apologize for the confusion the blast caused, and should have worded it as “If you EVER have to change your appointment, please call the office. PLEASE do not text or email. Thanks.”

Well, there you have it. We will try to limit text blasts as we all have been overloaded with messages.

Holiday Donation

In lieu of Holiday cards to our patients,  our office has made a donation to St. Jude’s. The Holiday season is a time of great celebration, but not always  for those afflicted with disease. We encourage the spirit of giving, and hope all contributions help those afflicted,  and maybe bring a little cheer. We all hope everyone can have a wonderful Holiday Season.holidy menorrah

Smile Reminder

To better serve our patients we have enlisted the services of Smile Reminder.  Through the use of technology, Smile Reminder communicates with our patients through their e-mail, text messages, and phone calls. We hope our patients find this system easy and convenient. While we work out the process and preferences of our patients, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Spring, Sports and Mouthguards

mg1As the winter thaw passes and the warmth of spring embraces us, sports fill the schools and parks.  Certain sports such as Lacrosse mandate the use of mouthguards, but any contact sport should.  The price of the mouthguard is a fraction of the cost if the tooth has been injured, or worse, lost.  While fillings may cost hundreds of dollars, a single implant can cost thousands.  Paying for the mouthguard isn’t the hard part, it’s getting the kids to wear them in sports that don’t yet require them.  I have encountered soccer players who have smashed heads into each other fighting to win the head ball.  I have seen soccer goalies kicked in the head by overzealous strikers. I have seen teeth knocked out by a fast pitch and miss hit baseball. The emergency rooms experience a large amount of oral trauma from sports, much of which was preventable.


We now offer a variety of mouthguards, from the high end UnderArmour custom made mouthguards to the prefabricated UnderArmour microwavable “boil and fit mouthguards, with the to the moderately priced custom made Tekfit appliances in the middle.  With the wide variety of mouthguards, we can offer protection for anyone in any type of sport environment.

Children’s Dental Health Month

St. Paul's Calvary School

St. Paul’s Calvary Child Care

February is Children’s Dental Health Month.  As part of our commitment to the community and the American Dental Association, via the New Jersey Dental Association, we were able to bring dental education and a bunch of smiles to St. Paul’s Calvary Child Care Program. Jennifer Dennisseur and Dr. Schonberg talked to both children and staff.  The children were given some basic tooth brushing instruction, and advice on snacking.  There was even a fact or two appreciated by the teachers. Starting children out with the proper habits in crucial to long term good habits.  These children are on their way to a cavity free life!

Holiday Wishes

The Holidays bring out the best and worst in us.  Let us hope we are evolving toward a better world, albeit with a few major bumps in the road.  But it should be incumbent  upon all of us to challenge ourselves to help make the world a better place.  Whether that means making a donation to a charity, or not screaming and yelling at someone, it all helps.  I wish we all could learn to be more tolerant of others, especially their differences, whether they be of color or religion.  And I wish you all a Season Greetings and Happy Holidays.