Spring, Sports and Mouthguards

mg1As the winter thaw passes and the warmth of spring embraces us, sports fill the schools and parks.  Certain sports such as Lacrosse mandate the use of mouthguards, but any contact sport should.  The price of the mouthguard is a fraction of the cost if the tooth has been injured, or worse, lost.  While fillings may cost hundreds of dollars, a single implant can cost thousands.  Paying for the mouthguard isn’t the hard part, it’s getting the kids to wear them in sports that don’t yet require them.  I have encountered soccer players who have smashed heads into each other fighting to win the head ball.  I have seen soccer goalies kicked in the head by overzealous strikers. I have seen teeth knocked out by a fast pitch and miss hit baseball. The emergency rooms experience a large amount of oral trauma from sports, much of which was preventable.


We now offer a variety of mouthguards, from the high end UnderArmour custom made mouthguards to the prefabricated UnderArmour microwavable “boil and fit mouthguards, with the to the moderately priced custom made Tekfit appliances in the middle.  With the wide variety of mouthguards, we can offer protection for anyone in any type of sport environment.